A number of abstracts submitted by the radiotherapy physics department at the Royal Surrey County Hospital have bene accepted for presentation at ESTRO 38, Europe’s largest radiotherapy conference with almost 5000 delegates in 2017 and has four complete days plus additional teaching workshops and symposiums prior to its official opening.

There will be an oral presentation given by the head of radiotherapy physics, Liz Adams on the evolution of knowledge based planning for cervical cancer. Posters will be presented by Matt Bolt on the potential impact of dose deviations within the dosimetry chain on clinical outcomes, and Gail Distefano on the UK’s progress in the use of advanced stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR) treatments. This showcases the range of advanced techniques in routine use within the department and the role being played in the UK wide development of the advancement of radiotherapy.

Contributions to this work came from the wider team including Prof. Andy Nisbet (Head of Medical physics), Dr Chris South (Head of Treatment planning), Dr Catharine Clark (Joint post with NPL) and many others from the wider team and the University of Surrey.

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