Principal Radiotherapy Physicist

Title: Principal Radiotherapy Physicist
Section: Radiotherapy Physics

Gail moved to the UK from Malta in 2001 to follow her ambition of being a Radiotherapy Physicist. She obtained an MSc in Medical Physics at the University of Aberdeen, with distinction, in 2002. Gail worked at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (2003-2010). In 2010 she took up a new post at RSFT as Principle Radiotherapy Physicist. She was QA Lead (2012-2018) of the UK SABR Consortium during which time she co-led a national Lung SABR dosimetry audit and was instrumental in driving forward SABR QA. From 2018-2022 she was a member of the National Cancer Institute Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group.

In 2018 Gail was awarded the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Fellowship. This opportunity allowed her to develop her leadership abilities further, learn how to better communicate her scientific ideas and benefit from the mentorship of senior leaders. These new skills have enabled her to highlight the contributions of Healthcare Scientists to clinically driven research and development. Gail is the current Lead Healthcare Scientist at RSFT.

In 2019, Gail was awarded a NIHR Doctorate research fellowship focussing on tumour motion during Lung SABR. Gail’s PhD is in partnership with the medical physics and radiotherapy departments of RSFT, CVSSP and the medical physics group at the University of Surrey and the MEMPHYS Institute of the National Physical Laboratory ─ a new centre that works closely with the NHS, academia and industry to enable the rapid and widespread implementation of a host of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. She is using technology developed at CVSSP (Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing, University of Surrey) to image the surface of the patient’s chest combined with her expertise in Radiotherapy to design a new method for planning the delivery of highly targeted doses to lung tumours.

Gail is currently responsible for the development and implementation of innovative superior treatments for SABR for primary lung and oligometastatic cancer at RSFT. She has also previously mentored other UK centres in commissioning a SABR service and continues to be part of the RSFT mentoring team in supporting the further expansion of SABR.


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