The radiotherapy physics department was represented at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) annual congresses held in Vienna in May 2023 by Gail Anastasi Distefano and Rachel Hollingdale. Gail showed a poster titled, ‘Investigating the use of Microsoft KinectV2 to monitor a patient’s breathing during Lung SBRT’ and Rachel gave a short oral presentation on ‘Benefits of Bespoke PTV Margins for Bladder Cancer using CBCT-guided online adaptive radiotherapy.’

The Department has many research and development projects running and this was an excellent opportunity to share the work we have been doing with the wider European radiotherapy community. The sharing of scientific knowledge is an important aspect of these conferences and there are several ideas brought back for future projects in our department here at the Royal Surrey.

Image 1: Gail standing with a digital version of her poster at ESTRO 2023

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