The radiotherapy department is involved in a number of research projects, including local developments, national working parties. Members of the team regular present their work at meetings, and a selection current projects, posters and presentations are given below.

For details of clinical trials in which the department is part of see here: Radiotherapy Clinical Trials Page

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Departmental Research and Development Projects


  • Use of QATrack+ for electronic QC
  • Use of the EPID imager for streamlined linac QC
  • Commissioning of new Varian ETHOS treatment unit

Treatment Planning


  • Skin brachytherapy using 3D printing
  • Use of the Venezia applicator for larger cervix cancers
  • Biliary brachytherapy

Research Output

The department works closely with the University of Surrey and each year has supervisory roles in PhDs, MDs, as well as MSc students.

Each year the department hosts MSc projects for the students of the Universities Medical Physics and Imaging courses providing students the opportunity to directly make an impact within a clinical department.


Presenter Type Title Meeting Date
Clara Navarro Poster Assessment of Velocity and Mirada: auto-segmentation tools UKIO (2019) Jun-19
Victoria Moore Poster Assessment of the delivered dose to the CTV during external beam radiotherapy to treat cervical cancer using CBCT data UKIO (2019) Jun-19
Alexandra Stewart Poster Clincal evaluation of an electromagnatic tracking system for cervical brachytherapy applicator tracking ABS Jun-19
Matt Bolt Poster The impact of dose deviations arising within the dosimetry chain on clinical outcomes ESTRO 38 (2019) Apr-19
Matt Bolt Poster Comparison of beam output drift for Varian Clinacs and Truebeams: Do Truebeams require more frequent calibration? MPEC 2018 Sep-18
Denis Mostafa Poster Assessing MPC for Daily Output Checks UKRO 2018 Jul-18
Mel Cunningham Poster The dosimetric impact of interstitial needles in HDR brachytherapy for cervical cancer ESTRO37 (2018) Apr-18
Rob Julian Poster Assessing the impact of the interplay effect on 10FFF lung SABR treatment dosimetry MPEC 2017 Sep-17


Presenter Type Title Meeting Date
Liz Adams Presentation KBP for cervical cancer ESTRO38 Apr-19
Matt Bolt Presentation A ‘big data’ analysis of radiotherapy beam output measurements: Do constancy devices under report beam output? MPEC Sep-18
Catharine Clark Presentation Modelling the impact of machine specific dosimetric variations on clinical outcomes ESTRO37 Apr-18
Mel Cunningham Presentation Assessment workshop NSHCS STP Introduction Nov-19
Mel Cunningham Presentation The Training Plan NSHCS STP Introduction Nov-19
Mark Long Presentation HDR Prostate Guildford Experience Elekta Brachytherapy User Meeting Oct-19

Some individual journal publications can be viewed on a particular staff members page