Scientific Computing’s remit covers involvement in a number of areas throughout the trust including Clinical Computing, Informatics and all sections within Medical Physics. The team’s main activity is bespoke software development to improve and optimise the workflows and patterns in the department. This involves the development of web services, portals, software tools and techniques to assist clinicians, technicians and physicists in their day-to-day activities. A large part of their work is the development of database applications for the storage and management of varying data, ranging from clinical endpoints, QC/QA data to anonymised medical images for research. The members of the team are from varying backgrounds including physics, computer sciences and bioinformatics, but all are interested in applied computing in the area of healthcare. Some of the more notable areas of work include CDMam Analyser software, QA/QC web portals, Medical App Development, Standardised Pathway Development and Design and Implementation of Web-enabled Clinical Data Registries.

The team is also involved in a number of research projects mostly involving medical imaging. These projects include PROSPECTS, OPTIMAM, MAMMOTH and LORIS.