PRECISION : Prevent Ductal Carcinoma in Situ Invasive Overtreatment Now

NCCPM section at Medical Physics department is collaborating with this large multi-centre £15m CRUK funded Grand Challenge project. NCCPM is working with Professor Joseph Lo at Duke University by providing images of DCIS from the OPTIMAM image database for analysis by machine learning.

PRECISION is an international collaboration building on multiple studies conducted in the UK, Europe, and the US over the last two decades. PRECISION aims to establish tests to reduce the burden of unnecessary surgery, radiation and hormone-blocking therapies used in managing DCIS, reducing overtreatment without compromising the excellent outcomes for DCIS presently achieved.

PRECISION will use a range of established and innovative laboratory methods applied to DCIS pathology sample collections to identify and validate features distinguishing aggressive from harmless DCIS.

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