The use of the Deep Inspiration Breath Hold technique has been common for a number of years and the department has run a number of study days on the use and implementation of this technique using the Varian RPM system.

A short study on its use has previously been published in RAD magazine:

The department made use of video goggles to aim to provide not only an accurate treatment delivery, but a simple, comfortable, and intuitive patient experience on both Clinacs and Truebeams. The system tracks a marker block placed on the patient’s chest using infrared markers. This information is relayed to the patient’s video goggles allowing them full control of their breathing to start and stop the treatment.

The department is using the system to its full capabilities, now also utilises an expiration breath-hold technique for abdominal treatments as well as for 4DCT scans for lung treatments including SABR, ensuring the safest, most accurate treatment possible.

The group has run a number of study days to enable others to gain from their experience in these techniques, and tips on overcoming the practical hurdles of implementation.