CASCADE : Risk-based breast cancer screening: role for breast density?

NCCPM section at Medical Physics is a collaborator in the project funded by the American Cancer Society and led by Professor Stephen Duffy (QMUL, London) in 2017.

Our primary objective will be to look at the effect of breast composition on risk of screen-detected and interval cancers, by time since last screen. This aspect will also be investigated for screen-detected and interval cancers by lymph node status.

As a secondary objective, we propose to estimate the effect of breast composition measures on risk of recall and risk of ‘potentially missed’ cancers, i.e. interval cancers for which a lesion can be identified retrospectively on the previous mammogram.

The project studies the links between the sensitivity of screening for cancer detection, breast density and interval cancers. NCCPM provides images from the OPTIMAM image database, Volpara breast density, anonymised patient data, and software for radiologist assessment of breast density.