The annual ESTRO (European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology) conference this year held in Milan was well attended from members of the radiotherapy team from St Luke’s in Guildford. The conference spanned 4 days with over 6000 attendees and hundreds of sessions covering all aspects of radiation oncology.

Posters were on show from the department covering a range of topics and Liz Adams, head of the radiotherapy physics department, gave a presentation on multi-centre knowledge-based planning (KBP) discussing the advances being made by the RapidArc consortium through the use of model sharing development.

Key topics included Big Data, the clinical implementation of MR guidance in radiotherapy, and techniques for adaptive radiotherapy. There was also many sessions covering the further personalisation of radiotherapy including the increasing use of 3D printers, particularly for use with brachytherapy treatments which offer new possibilities for treating previously very difficult disease with unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility.

Also at the conference Catharine Clark who shares a joint post with the RSCH and NPL was announced as the new chair of the ESTRO physics committee.

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