Treatment planning involves the use of complex systems to model the delivered radiation dose.

The delivery of dose is optimised to best conform to the individual patient to target the cancer and minimise dose to surrounding organs.

For External beam planning the department uses Varian’s Eclipse system within the ARIA environment, but also the Brainlab system for SRS treatments combined with ExacTrak for precise patient positioning.

The use of Mirada software is being investigated to streamline the workflow and provide an automated contouring solution based on Machine Learning. Further details can be found on the research page.

Routine techniques and technologies

  • Varian RapidPlan
    • Use of custom made models to streamline the generation of clinically acceptable plans
    • Software part of the Varian suite
    • Customisable for local clinicians needs
  • Mirada
    • Auto contouring software to reduce the time require to produce clinical organ outlines
    • Software makes use of deep learning technologies as well as expert cases
  • RapidArc (VMAT)
    • Almost all patients are treated using Varian’s latest VMAT technology
    • Allows greater dose conformity and reduced plan delivery time
  • 4DCT and Gating
    • Breast patients are treated using a Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) technique.
      • The department has provided a number of training workshops on the use of the Varian RPM system
      • Recently the upgrade to the RGSC system has been rolled out across the TrueBeam linacs and CT scanners
  • SABR
    • SABR (Stereotactic ABlative Radiotherapy) is in common use and the department is part of the SABR consortium

Future Developments

    • The department is shortly taking delivery of an ETHOS treatment system
    • This will allow full online adaptive planning, marking the next stage in the evolution of radiotherapy