The brachytherapy team is one of the largest in the country.

Treatments delivered include

  • LDR Prostate seeds utilising the 4D brachytherapy technique which was developed at the Royal Surrey
    • Use of the Varian Variseed software for real-planning during implant sessions
    • Influential in the setup and use of the webBXT online seed ordering system which is now used worldwide
  • Gynaecological brachytherapy utilising the latest applicators including the latest Venezia applicator
  • High Dose Rate Prostate brachytherapy
    • An invited presentation given by Mark Long at the Elekta Brachy User Group Meeting 2019 is available here discussing the benefits of the streamlined workflow developed at the Royal Surrey.
    • Use of the Elekta Flexitron and Oncentra Planning system
  • Rectal brachytherapy using the Papillon 50 unit
  • Oesophageal brachytherapy

Future developments include

  • Biliary brachytherapy
  • Skin brachytherapy utlising 3D printed moulds

The prostate project charity

The Prostate Project Charity has raised over £8million and helped achieve “Centre of Excellence” status for the treatment of prostate cancer.

The charity aims to raise awareness of prostate cancer and to push forward the development of diagnosis and treatment.

More details here: