Prospective Randomised Trial of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) Plus Standard 2D Digital Mammography (2DDM) or Synthetic 2D  Mammography Compared to Standard 2D Mammography in Breast Cancer Screening

Research Objectives:

The aim of this randomised control trial is to measure the impact and cost-effectiveness of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) + 2D digital mammography (2DDM) or synthetic 2D mammography (S 2D) in routine screening compared to standard 2D mammography.

100,000 women are being recruited using NHS screening sites with DBT mammography equipment. At each site half the trial participants will undergo standard 2DDM (the control group) and half will undergo 2DDM + DBT (the intervention group). All cases will be double read - in the intervention group, one read will be DBT + 2DDM, and one read will be DBT + S 2D.
Start date: 1st December 2018
Duration: 7 years
Funding: Total trial funding is £3.5m, from Hologic Inc.
NCCPM role: Professor Young and Dr Mark Halling-Brown are co-investigators and NCCPM provides coordination of the quality control of the imaging systems used in the trial. Staff at the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust also manage a central database for copies of all the images used in the trial as well as collecting central data on cancer detection for each part of the trial.

For further information on the PROSPECTS Trial, please follow the link here