"European Cooperation on Development and Implementation of Cancer Screening and Prevention Guidelines"

  1. Development of an updated European protocol for the quality control of the physico-technical aspects of digital mammography
  2. Dissemination of knowledge and feedback on use of the current European protocol for quality control of digital mammography
  3. Improvement of the accessibility of the QC protocol
  4. QC of image processing techniques
  5. Preparation of print-ready guideline document
Start Date: 1st October 2007
Duration: 3 years (+6 month extension)
Status: Completed

60% of the overall budget for the project was provided by the European Commission and the remainder was provided by the various partners. The funding for the NCCPM part of the project was 60% paid by the European Commission. This funding covered staff time, equipment and expenses.

RSCH Role:

NCCPM had the lead role in developing the automation of image quality measurements. Another part of the project was to update the current technical guidelines.


The project was coordinated by IARC. The key partners for the technical aspects of the project were Guildford, Nijmegen, Leuven and Marseille.

Principal Investigator at NCCPM:


Professor Kenneth C Young
NCCPM, Department of Medical Physics
Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust