Fault Reporting

Information on the equipment used by the NHSBSP is maintained in a database by NCCPM. This information is updated every six months by sending equipment lists to superintendent radiographers at each centre.

Equipment faults are reported by radiographers at screening centres throughout the UK to NCCPM and these are added to the database. Where further information or action is required the servicing agents are contacted and their replies are documented. Meetings are held periodically with the servicing agents to discuss faults reported for their equipment. Minutes of these meetings are distributed to all members of the NHSBSP’s Equipment, Radiographer and Physics Committees.

A Review of NHSBSP Equipment and Equipment Faults is prepared every six months and published internally by the NHSBSP. These reports are available to registered users from the NHS Breast Screening website.

The Excel document used to report faults with equipment can be downloaded here.