"High Resolution X-ray Imaging for Improved Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer"

Research Objective:

To develop and evaluate the next generation of breast imaging X-ray systems using 3D, dual energy and contrast mammography.

Start Date: 1st March 2007
Duration: 3 years (+6 month extension)
Status: Completed

The overall budget for the project was €6.4m of which approximately €4m was provided by the European Commission as part of 6th Framework Research Programme. The remainder was provided by the various partners. The funding for the NCCPM part of the project was 100% paid by the European Commission. This funding covered staff time, equipment and expenses.


This grant was to fund NCCPM to develop methods of measuring the technical performance of these clinical systems and to establish quality control procedures. All clinical activity was be at other sites across Europe.


NCCPM was working with 13 other partners in this project. These included the main commercial developer of the imaging technology, SECTRA Ltd based in Sweden and other academic and clinical sites across Europe. The only clinical system in the UK was at the Breast Screening Centre at Cambridge .

Principal Investigator at NCCPM:

Professor Kenneth C Young
NCCPM, Department of Medical Physics

For more information on the HighReX project, visit the HighReX website.