Did you know that there are more than 250 scientists working at our hospital in a huge range of day-today support roles and research projects?

They are part of a 50,000 strong army of NHS Health Care Scientists involved in more than 50 separate scientific specialisms that help to save lives here and around the UK. Despite their critical role, because they often work in the background they are among the unsung heroes of the NHS. Between 11-15 March, we will be marking Health  Care Science Week by highlighting their work and showcasing some of the exciting opportunities that exist in this specialist field of health care.

Every lunch time, between 11.30am-2pm in the canteen there will be a focus on a different Health Care
Science specialism:
• 11 March, Bioinformatics
• 12 March, Medical Physics, Radiotherapy
• 13 March, Biochemistry
• 14 March, Medical Physics, Diagnostic and Radiation Protection
• 15 March, Gastrointestinal physiology

You can also take an organised tour of departments to meet team members and find out more about
their work. Places are limited, so if interested please book ahead here.

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