Professor David Dance

Consultant Physicist

Medical Physics
St Lukes Wing
Royal Surrey County Hospital


David Dance was a Consultant Clinical Scientist and the Head of the Department of Physics at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust (Chelsea) before he retired in 2005. He led research in the physics of x-ray imaging, where he published widely. The results of David’s Monte Carlo calculations form the basis of the UK, European and IAEA protocols for mammographic dosimetry. For many years David collaborated with the Department of Radiation Physics at Linkoping University in Sweden and has an MD honoris causa from that University. David was a founder member of Symposium Mammographicum and UKMPG, and has been chairman of both organisations. For many years David has been a consultant to the IAEA and he is a co-editor of the Agency’s Handbook of Diagnostic Radiology Physics.

The lure of research into the physics of mammography proved too great after David’s retirement and he is presently a Consultant Physicist at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and a Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey.

Current Research Interests Include:
  • Computer modelling of the mammographic process including the estimation of both breast dose and measures of image quality
  • Optimisation of mammographic image quality and radiation dose
  • Measurements of composition of normal and diseased breast tissues
  • Standards and performance of digital mammography systems
  • Objective assessment and clinical relevance of image quality
  • Digital breast tomosynthesis
  • Dual energy imaging