The National Co-ordinating Centre for the Physics of Mammography (NCCPM) is run on behalf of the NHS Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP) by the Medical Physics Department of the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust.

The NCCPM is led by Dr Alistair Mackenzie who is the National QA Physicist for the NHSBSP. The centre has a broad remit to provide scientific and technical advice to the NHSBSP. This involves the setup and management of information systems that enable NCCPM to monitor the performance of the breast imaging equipment used in the NHSBSP.

Advice and planning guidance is provided to NHS England & Improvement and throughout the NHSBSP by active participation in formal national committees and meetings, as well as direct communications with leading radiologists, radiographers and physicists working for the NHSBSP.

NCCPM initiates programmes of research leading to improvements in how breast screening is provided by the NHS and is a leading centre of expertise in this field.

Professor Ken Young is the Head of Research.