Getting Access

OPTIMAM has ethical approval which enables the sharing of the de-identified data with other researchers, academics and organisations. Applications for access made via a web form and considered by an internal sub-committee made up of members of the OPTIMAM steering committee. The web form will alert the team of your interest, and they will send out a more detailed application form to be completed in full.

All access is subject to a sharing agreement created by CRT (Cancer Research Technology). CRT own the intellectual property (IP) for the de-identified copies of the images. Applications will be subject to scientific critique and review by a sub-committee of the OPTIMAM committee.

Data sharing agreements with external parties will include the following terms:­

  1. The images and data may not be shared with third parties (unless specific permission is sought and justified).
  2. The research is limited to a specific project. Any further research projects will require a further application.
  3. The approved research organisation is responsible for ensuring that the terms of the agreement are complied with by all their research participants.
  4. In the event that there is an unauthorised transfer or access to data the research organisation will promptly inform OPTIMAM & CRT and take all reasonable steps to recover the data.
  5. The users must agree not to try to obtain any personal information from the data
  6. If the researchers accidentally obtain any personal information they must notify OPTIMAM/CRT immediately
  7. The data sharing agreement has a publication policy requiring notification and suitable collaboration in publication or acknowledgment of the database as appropriate

External parties may be based at either healthcare institutions, academic centres or commercial organisations.

Applicants must be affiliated to either healthcare institutions, academic centres, non-profit or commercial organisations.

Applications from academic centres must be led by a principal investigator with a relevant research track record.