Expert Annotation

To allow expert readers to annotate the images for the location and type of cancer/abnormalities a link back to the patient record needs to be provided.

For this reason, patient id is pseudonymised at the point of collection.

Figure 1 - You can click on the numbered tabs below to find out more details about each of the marking process.

The OMI-DB is queried for all cases from a clinical site which has unmarked screening images

Pseudonyms are identified for each unmarked case from the OMI-DB

The pseudonym list is securly sent to expert reader (clinician) at clinical site

Clinician  access the  protected pseudonymisation lookup table on the research server at the clinical site in order to obtain the patient id, required to annotate the images

Cancer locations, description and other observations are recorded using the custom marking software

Annotations are automatically sent back to the OMI-DB via HTTPS