Title: Clinical Scientist
Email: rsc-tr.NMPhysics@nhs.net
Phone: 01483 406708
Section: Nuclear Medicine

I graduated from the University of Kent with an undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in Physics in 2017. Following this, I worked in Royal Berkshire’s Nuclear Medicine department before gaining entry to the University of Surrey’s Medical Physics Master of Science programme in 2018. Upon completing this in 2019, I joined the Royal Surrey County Hospital to start the Scientist Training Programme for Medical Physics, which also required working towards a Master’s Degree in Clinical Science (Medical Physics) at King’s College London.  During my training, I opted to specialise in Imaging with Ionising Radiation, which involved me working in Nuclear Medicine Physics and the Regional Radiation Protection Service. In 2022, I finished the programme and began working as a full time clinical scientist in Nuclear Medicine Physics.