Title: Principal Physicist
Email: rsc-tr.radprot@nhs.net
Phone: 01483 408395
Section: Radiation Protection

Emma completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Southampton in 2009. Following this she was accepted onto the IPEM Clinical Scientist Training scheme, based at the Royal Surrey. During this she completed her Master’s degree in Medical Physics from the University of Surrey. Emma has been working in RRPS since she started her Part 2 specialism training in 2011, and she achieved her registration as a Clinical Scientist in 2013. In 2017 she took on her current post of Principal Physicist and acts as one of the Medical Physics Experts within the department. Emma has taken on many roles within the department, some of which she has been involved with since 2011. She is the department’s lead physicist for fluoroscopy and fluorography testing, and oversees the department’s personal dosimetry monitoring processes. She is the named lead MPE for one of our NHS breast screening services and also acts as lead physicist and main contact for one of our NHS Trusts. Personally, Emma is busy at home running around after 2 young children. She is an active member of her local Rock Choir, and you can sometimes find her performing in and around the Guildford area. She was once a keen skier – something she is looking forward to restarting once the kids are old enough!