Imaging Database - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Can I leave columns blank if they are not relevant?

A1. Yes.

Q2. What is the window for the blood test?

A2. For blood tests we are restricting to the day of attendance.

Q3. Not everyone is getting Troponin tested, what do I do?

A3. Leave these fields blank if they are not relevant.

Q4. What does the 'Days of symptoms' field mean?

A4. It’s the number of days of symptoms prior to the day of attendance.

Q5. What do I put in the site column?

A5. The local hospital name please.

Q6. What do I put in the 'Duration of Symptons' columns?

A6. Total number of days symptomatic before the day of assessment.

Q7. Date of positive COVID swab - is this the date collected or date of result?

A7. Date collected please.

Q8. CXR severity - if mild-moderate or moderate-severe has been reported by the radiologist please confirm if you want the highest severity recorded?

A8. Please enter the highest severity.

Q9. When we upload data can we reuse the same spreadsheet over and over?

A9. Yes - the upload process can use the same spreadsheet, and any existing data will be updated with any newer values in the spreadsheet.

Q10. If the patient was admitted for a reason other than Covid-19 and then acquired Covid-19 while an inpatient should we write the obs and bloods on admission or the obs and bloods after the first symptoms/positive Covid test?

A10. After the first symptoms/positive Covid test

Q11. Do you still require the CRF completion/ upload of cases where they haven’t had any x-ray images taken?

A11. No. We are only interested in patients that have had imaging.

Q12. I cannot find the answer to my query here, what do I do?

A12. Email us at