Extensible web-enabled software package for medical imaging

MedXViewer (Medical Extensible Viewer) is an application designed to allow workstation-independent, PACS-less viewing and interaction with anonymised medical images (e.g. for observer studies). The application was initially implemented for use in digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) but the flexible software design allows it to be easily extended to other imaging modalities. The PACS-less nature and design of MedXViewer ensure a consistent and reproducible behaviour at different workstations and centres.


Due to the advanced workstation-style functionality, the simple deployment on heterogeneous systems over the internet without a requirement for administrative access and the ability to utilise a centralised database, MedXViewer has been used for running remote, paper-less observer studies and is capable of providing a training infrastructure and co-ordinating remote collaborative viewing sessions (e.g. interval cancer reviews, interesting cases).


MedXViewer has been developed in Java and uses the DICOM library Dcm4Che. MedXViewer1.0 was developed for use in digital mammography and tomosynthesis but the modern programming techniques and a generic approach to the design allows MedXViewer to be extended for use in other modalities.

  • Support multiple monitor setups + high res

  • Vendor Neutral/PACS-less

  • Multi-modality support (including Tomosynthesis)

  • Familiar PACS-like environment (hanging protocols, Quadrant zooming etc)

  • Online/Offline modes (results stored live)

  • Completely portable, deployable on any system

  • No admin access required to run (can run from pen)

  • Collection of marks/ROIs & case opinions/questions

  • Customisable: questions, hanging protocols etc


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