Principal MRI Physicist

Title: Principal MRI Physicist
Phone: 01483 408395
Section: Radiation Protection


Dr Matthew Grech-Sollars is a Principal MRI Physicist at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust and an honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London. He has a key interest in developing MRI tools for use within a clinical environment, with a particular focus on quantitative MR and oncology. As a Clinical Scientist, he bridges the clinical and non-clinical sciences, and is leading on the development of MR Fingerprinting for the assessment of brain tumours in collaboration with Siemens Healthineers. Matthew has extensive experience of working on multi-centre trials and the implementation of advanced imaging techniques in a clinical environment; including diffusion MR, perfusion MR and MR spectroscopy, as well as experience in PET-MR techniques. He also has an interest in developing AI tools to aid clinicians and improve patient outcomes, and in particular in implementing explainable AI systems for the development of such tools.

Matthew graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malta in 2005 and after working in industry, he pursued an MSc in Biomedical Engineering with Medical Physics at Imperial College London in 2008-2009. He received his PhD from University College London in 2014, titled “Diffusion MRI for characterising childhood brain tumours” and supervised by Prof Chris A Clark. Matthew then trained as a Clinical Scientist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, while working as an MR Physicist at Imperial College London. In 2017, he was awarded an Imperial College Research Fellowship, which he carried out until he joined Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust in 2021.