Senior Computer Scientist

Title: Senior Computer Scientist
Phone: 01494511411 (+4755)
Section: Scientific Computing


Premkumar Elangovan has been working on the design of modelling tools for 2D-mammography and tomosynthesis for past 6 years within the OPTIMAM project funded by CR-UK. He has been actively involved in conducting various observer studies involving radiologists and physicists. Premkumar’s other research interests include software engineering, image processing, video compression and natural language processing.   Before his current position at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Premkumar worked as a senior research fellow at the University of Surrey, computed tomography research assistant at the Natural History Museum, London and as a software engineer at Tektronix plc, Bristol.  


  • A Hadjipanteli, P Elangovan, A Mackenzie et al.  The effect of system geometry and dose on the threhold detectable calcification diameter in 2D-mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis. Phys Med Biol 62 (2017) 858-877.
  • P Elangovan, A Mackenzie, D R Dance et al  Design and Validation of Realistic Breast Models for Use in Multiple Alternative Forced Choice Virtual Clinical Trials  Phys. Med. Biol. 62:2778-2794, 2017
  • P Elangovan, L M Warren, A Mackenzie et al  Development and validation of a modelling framework for simulating 2D-mammography and breast tomosynthesis images  Phys. Med. Biol., 59 (15): 4275-4293 (2014)
  • Rashidnasab A, Elangovan P, Yip M et al Simulation and assessment of realistic breast lesions using fractal growth models. Phys. Med. Biol. 58 5613 (2013)